Donnerstag, 17. November 2016

Google, stop fucking me, my provider too !

or whoever interferes with my computer...not the first time, we know.

I am so tired of all the bad guys.
STRONG, i will also hit back, but not BAD.

Maybe the world will soon know about the projects, despite all you ALL tried to prevent it.
Last time the interference made it impossible for hours to update is some years ago, also a special occasion.

Here are the images for lilomerlin.

" Images"
( "Me on soundcloud"  ( Please get Ho3ein on sound could completely ! Actually it is hard for me to find music there overall. Where is my music ? ))

some other older stuff by me too.
Computer graphics of beginners, though.
I had help by Felix Heinrich and Stephan Biniek for realisations of computer graphics.

All designs by me.

And the fun is yet to come.


These are quite random and mostly not very special images. they happened with story proceedings.
I will bring some graphics & more I like online.
I just wanted to update my Google Profile with a link to the images for one of the projects.
Impossible. Additionally they have obviously recently changed the design and my bio page on my website is no longer displayable, not just incredibly ugly, but not even readable.
I then could not update my blog due to interferences which have messed up the sidebar.

Instead of the images, again :) - you land on my twitter profile. Some strange changes i did not make involved.

I am very sorry for the "fucking" in a way but it seems this way can dissolve some trauma: My traitor yelled "I fuck your mother" street slang in German "Ich ficke Deine Mutter" for probably mostly killing or worse. MY traitor used it for everything,  all day long, loud. He was swept away in a jealousy lunatism that never ended and had turned into a monster.

Yes, Mehraj, i hit back :)

This explains my vanishing patience in its specific form, but the funny thing is: at the very start of it all ( the whole "save the world under time-pressure trip" ) was the thought: "I have to unite the religions and the catholic church must be wrong, all come into heaven". But then i told god's messenger i have to do it without him or i will never reach the world and he made that serious and i lost the love of my life. Age four.

Still i did it for Allah/God/ONE i called him AllInOne and i was very aware of that unless a short time when trying to find back into catholic church made me prefer "Universe"; and feeling terribly lost in these times but still aware but also able to carry the mission by "one has to do it, we face total dictatorship and then there is no way out"; and if god really doesn't exist - and i am aware of the option, she has to be invented. (I loved that Mehraj, you where the first to call Allah she, for me changing to be aware.)

My traitor however used "i fuck you" as main vocabulary, as a "code word" for threatening me with  either killing me, me and my family, before beating me, punishing by hours of yelling, but worst of all, highest level emotional torture including long-term planning. A complete psychopath. All because of things he made up or never let me explain. I repeated for weeks I do not want to hear this word, which could have a good meaning, used that way once a day - and especially not if the reality of it is terrible too.

The first man in the world who seemed to be really really really like me, most tender and nice, who had a total overlap from spiritual to world view, music taste, said he was Ho3ein, which was hard to believe before too, loved my projects, wanted to participate, travel in a bus....and a lot more best friend for half a year, a complete liar. Gone. Nearly day one, he did not accept my wish to wait and obviously wanted to lock me in and torture me for a year, worse than anyone ever before and especially not 24/7. We had hardly a good minute and the rest was highest level terror / stress, me trying to reach him but there was very tittle time and it caused more punishing.
There was no option to leave.
Whatever happened in those two hours he visited a friend now and then, though wanting me to call or calling himself -  or in the 20 minutes i was allowed to go shopping though he would be dead jealous when i come back. Sometimes probably played. However, he knows very well: You never get me that way and you never got me. Not even a bit.

Background info: 
1) fb-post

2.) Google did "fuck" me, they made the text with this image unreadable. It was important ! I will get it back.
( EDIT:  I posted about the monster and that i only managed to throw him out and thus survive, as my body had stopped to function, with the help of his own cousin. Plus the two jealous crazy women who appeared day 1 and 4 and never stooped to interfere.
More about them another time, both will end up in jail for what they have done.
I defended and protected them and was punished for that on top "you are a slut like them if you defend them", hours every time i tried, and i continued, a hundred times, just for them ? ...when repeatedly said he would kill them for what they did to ruin our relationship --  they on the other hand only continued to be bad.
That jail is necessary for what they did will become clear through this case.
In one case it is already legally clear: he was seventeen when she lured him into a trap that she consciously created - and her playing like a lunatic for the (unreal) good times made him suppress all i had to carry then.
There where other women, but he never loved them in any comparable way, nor did they always stand up instead of give in and seduce him, which spiralled his violence: so I hope they keep their mouth shut or are very careful if they compare their story to mine. I did it one single time, one little gesture, while he was yelling, just to make fun of him and the situation - and immediately he jumped towards me and wanted sex. I managed to say no this time, the last months i managed to deny despite all threats because the disgust had grown to a level that made it impossible.)

3.) Text with fb-pic

Whenever i call him Mehraj here it is probably something from the time before i made the worst mistake in my life.

PS: Vergiss es Mehraj !!!!
I see him trying:  "Sie hat meinen Respekt gefickt" ( "she has fucked my respect" )
I told you, his main vocabulary.

Die Wahrheit fickt den Respekt nicht. Da gibts bei Dir auch nix. ( "Truth doesn't fuck Respect...")