Donnerstag, 6. Oktober 2016

I have just posted this on Facebook....

..then I decided to create that blog :)

The Other Salzburg Blog
I have started to totally enjoy my "radical phase"  after decades of over-tolerance and hard lonely work that would have been wonderful with cooperators who had cared to, no matter if you earn money with it or not.
It is typical for my soul's rebellious timing, just when i finally succeed behind the scenes :) - first I have to solve a chain of novel-worthy traumas, then i tell you more:
My words with many Facebook posts ( EDIT: "yelling" mostly at Europeans / Westerns generally and especially Selfie Girls ) are the "angemessene Antwort", appropriate description, or answer - The Truth.

But you have to keep in mind that the woman writing them is basically angry, but not feeling that a lot, instead enjoying to tell you the truth that way.
Those who do not like it are probably guilty. I do not care the slightest bit. You can step over it, skip to take it personal or you just do not feel meant anyway;
....or just accept the truth as such and join "The Other Side", the real humans, who care deeply committed for enabling Abundance and Fairness for ALL with a holistic, realistic but idealistic and strategic perspective. Exactly because especially Europeans should, can - and could since quite a while !
Currently the other side consists of one member in Salzburg - as of my knowledge. But i was very anti-social, so: Every other member is heartfully welcome ! Where are my sisters and brothers around here ?

More On The Other Side

You have to be willing to sacrifice your life ( or at least 20 years ), without questioning that a lot. If you hesitate here, you are not ready for the other side. )

Probably the will to sacrifice their life is the case for several migrants - and police-officers. ( Just the ones one really should not bomb, by the way - a dilemma: They have to go by the law, know some are not the best - but many many are the best people in Europe, together with some other exceptions. 
That said as to potential suicide bombers who read this blog. I actually posted about the fact that I think, seen without emotions, throwing bombs on the epitomes of hypocrisy, willing to accept the loss of less guilty civilians - is an appropriate answer if you include the idea that violence is. From your view, you experience the violence, also because of the West: throwing it is the best answer to make them feel what you feel because they did not care uness about vanity and other ego games - seen overall - by free will.
Just take care not to hit me: I am a real innocent - the only one I know but I think the ones mentioned with this post on fb too.
I am not afraid though - to jump somewhere with a bomb would be a sunday afternoon action if i would believe in bombs as answer - my way was incredibly much harder, alone in Europe, with the right ideas, fought and even overwhelmed for a decade, then working on alone without the remaining ability to believe in my ideas, which, originally, was incredibly strong. But these ideas where divine inspiration, a responsibility, clear, right - and no one was interested because there "was no money in it".
There are different ways of being "dirty".
Europeans lead top, world-wide, I agree.
But forget it to come here, be dirty yourself but hate them.
That is the real epitome of hypocrisy then.
You should come, but with your women - and make the Europeans pay for saving the world. I told them and even made it attractive by design to join. But meanwhile I would prefer if they are not part of the origin of these projects, or central co-building part overall. If I can I will exclude them all from participating, but it is Open, it needs to be by "happening that way":
You already get the money - from the hard working people, mostly not the most guilty ones - I offer you the projects.
I do not want Europeans to lead that.
I want the migrants to build them.
Web Develpers, 3D designers and 2D web designers, self-taught welcome, contact me for requests for open educational material if you do not plan to work officially ( edit: but I will continue to offer Europe to pay officially ) and want to learn; translations are always welcome.
The first project that is available for download, detailed designs and important text, needs translation into as many languages as possible - a better presentations, but I will do videos;
I do not need to be part of realising the first project, it is elaborated enough, basically I plan to work on further modules. But no longer for free, now Europe has to pay, in any way.
But if we need to meet I will wear a burka.
Mehraj Ahmadi is excluded from working on projects i designed or their spin-offs - a single negative highlight position for now.

( EDIT: this was half ironic, as I do not reach the people who could spread the idea to those who are already on track strategically for preparing open interdisciplinary development. Greg Cassel works with 99,99 % overlap at the core else complementing. We need many more. :)

Personally none of these occupations are possible at the current state of technical development for my soul but i had to do just that for decades. But 3D can be fun, some love it, so i have created a demo for a good course / learning community which could be connected to teaching each other in groups at any location. See besides. Anyway, now i suffer severely from an eye illness that distorts and blurs my vision and will reduce computer time to minimum. )
Well then.
Else I started to love this town.
And there are people who love the same music and i will find sisters and brothers to learn what i desire to create.
I miss dancing incredibly - no real spot, no location.
And i cannot afford Sead, but that would be my favourite - if i fit into a curriculum. It is deftly choreography though, in my mind.

( EDIT: When I go dancing I am dressed like a man, with a coat, for those who start to worry :) Maybe the edits are strategic too, to understand what "clean, but you have to understand it fully, REALLY CLEAN" means. No input of sexual energy into any meetings, but then it can include dancing:  it is fun to dance with great live music in a nice scenery !
But i always told my crazy traitor who punished me 24/7 ( i was allowed to go shopping, hard to imagine there are people to find who punish you in that time :) ..... for: not getting me for half a year, some things he made up and out of sick jealousy: I love to dance at home, you say you are a musician, we have the same music taste, we have all we have experienced as friends, until "you got me" ...until you turned into a monster and we do not talk a single line since then, it is all hell and yelling and punishing. We can just live in paradise here while we build up a little more starting from a one room flat.
I was dressed more feminine in earlier times, even sexy on the clean side, but, and this is the really important point and i have never else met it: I never used any seduction, not the slighted, i was distanced, friendly, building walls or neutral and friendly. I loved to have good conversations though. I do admit i do not know many other women like that. )
That picture down (here up) there:
YOU, the single Euopean, are "the state" - it was not about blaming politicians for having succeeded in a system that requires corruption to do so - it was up to you to stand up and educate yourself about the world and what we need to do, then do the other economy and politics.
Good night :)
I think I have started to blog.